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Segway Tour with Audio Guide and Tour Leader. We offer guided tours to explore Verona and its wonders, enjoying the city from a new point of view. Our tour leader will be glad in answering to all your doubts and curiosity. For those of you not familiar with Segway be assured that it is incredibly easy to learn to ride, taking just a few minutes to master. We frequently hear people say that they had no idea how easy it would be, or how much fun. Indeed, it is common for us to see some of our customers three or four times a year, often bringing friends and visitors along to join them.
Segway Verona
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We are English speaking and very knowledgeable tour guides.
Fun for families, couples and individuals.
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Segway City Tours in Verona
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Original Segways and Nineboards.
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safety training,

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Verona tour
A Segway is a self-balancing personal transportation vehicle designed for use in pedestrian areas and sidewalks. It drives on two wheels and is guided by gyroscopes that react to the body's movements. Before the tour we provide you with a short training. You will learn how easy it is to use your Segway by simply leaning forward or backward. We also provide a free rental helmet for your safety. It takes an instant to get used to a Segway's movement, but once you do, it is a safe and comfortable way of getting around.
During the tour you can see the Arena of Verona, Castelvecchio, House of Juliet, which are one of the main highlights on this Segway tour and many other things. Your tour guide will lead you through the city and tell you many stories about Verona. There is also a possibility to use an audio guide. This contributes to an unforgettable experience. At every stop you have plenty of time to take pictures. Although visitors do not enter any of the city's various monuments, the tour is an ideal way to find out where the most important places are.
Tours operate all year round with an exception for 25/12, 31/12, 02/06. In case of rain, ponchos are available. Tours run from Monday to Saturday between 10.00 a.m. and 7 p.m. One tour lasts between one and a half and two hours including a short training. Anyone over the age of 12 can join except for pregnant women, and a helmet must be worn at all times.
Our mission is to provide an exceptional tour of Verona and we are sure you will enjoy this city as much as we do.
Segway Tours meet a high standard for providing customers a safe and memorable experience. They provide the highest quality tour in their area. Verona Segway tour operators deliver the up most in safety and training – providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, and in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage.
Benefits Segway Tour– Tour operators have the latest Segway product information and training:
– Tours follow Segway recommended safety guidelines promoting a smooth and safe experience
– Smaller guide-to-glider ratio enables more personal attention
– Tours conform to all local regulations
You are in Verona and you want to have a wonderful time, right? But there are too many choices. What to see? Where to go? You don't want to get bored and tired, you might be short on time, or want something that is out of the ordinary.
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The Segway PT is a two-wheeled self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle.
Computers, sensors, and electric motors in the base of the Segway PT keep the device upright when powered on with balancing enabled. The rider commands the PT to go forward or backward by shifting their weight forward or backward on the platform.
The PT uses gyroscopic sensors and accelerometer-based levelling sensors to detect the resulting changes in its pitch angle and, to maintain balance; it drives its wheels forward or backward as needed to return its pitch to upright.
-What is a Segway?
Sure, they exists since 2001 and no accidents were cause by machines and about the balance, don't worry it balances itself 1000 per second. You don't need a drive licence, it will be our care explaining you all important details
-Are they safe?
It is recommended for people between 12 and 70 years for many reasons, firstly from 12 to 35 years you can have a lot of fun by driving it, from 35 to 55 it is very advised for parents and sons to have a wonderful family experience and finally from 55 to 70 years if you are search a calm and quiet way to visit all Verona attractions.
-Which is the recommended age?
Because you haven't to pain for hot temperature saving yourself from excessive sweating, fatigue and possible heat exhaustion.
-Why is it better than walking?
The reasons are the same of walking but we must say that there are some zones where bikes aren't allowed to circulate.
-Why is it better than a bike?
Having a tour by train may not be sufficient due to some reasons such as: the tour is too much short, you haven't nobody who gives you information about Verona, you will visit only a part of our beautiful city and finally there is no place for questions or curiosities.
-Why is it better than a tour by train?
Yes, to offer a very high quality facilities and to prevent possible inconveniences your body weight must range from 46 kg to 113 kg,our service isn't recommended for no self-sufficient people and pregnant women.
-Are there possible limitations?
You can find us in Verona, Piazza Cittadella 11B not so far from Piazza Bra, for booking you can call at our office number: 045594949
- How can I find your store?
GoGo Easy, have a tour in Verona
Verona is located in the north Italy, it was founded by Roman in the internal meander of Adige river and with its two houndres years of history is one of the most important destination for everyone who loves literature,culture and history.Verona hostes many roman structures such as the Arena,Arco dei Gavi,Porta Borsari and Porta Leona.
Morover medieval buildings as Castelvecchio,Arche Acaligere,Juliet's House and Lamberti's Tower contribute in creating a magic atmosphere; however the charm peak will be reached on Ponte Pietra with its wonderful landscape which give extra value to the city.
Verona is easy to reach, not so far from Garda Lake (30 km), you need only to take one Atv Bus from Sirmione,Lazise;Bardolino,Malcesine,Peschiera,Riva del Garda,Brenzone,Torri del Benaco and Desenzano to come here and to enjoy our citysightseeingIn addition the train station is only 1 km aloof from the city center; also Villafranca airport is only 15 km distant.
Moreover Verona offers a wide range of choices considering restaurants,bars and shops but you should try our ice cream from Gelateria Ponte Pietra and Savoia.
Returning to our main theme, you can visit all Verona by walking or by bike, anyway the best way to appreciate Verona is by Segway to save your time and energy a two-wheeled self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicle.
Don't lose this possibility.
We look forward to welcoming you to your Segway Tour at Verona,
and don't forget your camera!
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